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Why Acerola Cherry?

Acerola cherry is a Super Fruit because it contains one of the highest natural concentrations of vitamin C. In addition, it contains more than 150 phytonutrients like polyphenols, flavonoids and carotenoids which have many positive antioxidant and immune system effects.

In short, this botanical and natural ingredient will help you to retain the fresh colour of the meat or fruit juices for a longer time in a natural way. Add the good! Start using acerola.

Green acerolas from Brazil are well known for their high vitamin C concentration, green acerola extract has a high concentration of ascorbic acid (32.52 to 41.11 mg.100 mg−1).

The representative of the company NUTRIBOTANICA will share the use of acerola and information about their company in Brazil.

About Nutribotanica:

NutriBotanica brand is part of the multinational Amway Corporation, Inc., a world leader in the direct sales market, and manufacturer of brands worldwide known as NUTRILITE. The path that makes us an experienced business in Vitamin C production began in the mid of 20th century with one of the greatest nutrition scientists Carl F. Rehnborg. He found in plants essential nutrients for good nutrition and quality of life for people from urban centres.

NutriBotanica is dedicated solely to the production of acerola cherries.

Our farm is located on 3,136 acres in the northeastern in Brazil, Ubajara (CE) city. Positioned three degrees south of the equator and 2,306 feet above sea level. The farm in Brazil has a semi-arid climate with average temperatures of 75-79 degrees Fahrenheit relative high humidity during the rainy season and low nightly temperatures in the dry season. This combination provides an ample growing environment for Acerola Cherries.

On our farm, safety is very important. So much so that our standards go above and beyond Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). For example, our farming tools and equipment are cleaned and sanitized before each harvesting. Moreover, we test all irrigation water for pathogens and our water systems are meticulously documented and mapped to prevent the growth of microbes.

In short, we have been producing natural vitamin c during all year without contaminants and pesticides – to find the most effective variety and harvesting the fruit with the best peak of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) content.


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